Children’s Eye Exams in Brooklyn

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Caring for Your Child’s Vision as They Grow

We’re here for the little ones in the Park Slope community, helping provide essential vision care. Approximately 80% of your child’s learning is visual, making their vision important as they learn, play, and interact with others. 

Our goal is to provide our younger patients with quality eye care throughout their childhood, whether providing treatment or helping them pick out a pair of fashionable glasses. 

Visit us in Brooklyn, and we can help care for your child’s eye health as they grow. Let us help your child’s vision function at its best.

How Often Should Your Child Have an Eye Exam?

The frequency of your child’s eye exams depends on their age and eye health. These exams are vital for assessing vision, checking if their eyes are working well together, and identifying signs of eye conditions as early as possible. 

Following the guidelines of the American Optometric Association, your child should have eye exams according to this schedule: 

  • Once between 6–12 months old
  • Once between 3–5 years old
  • Annually from ages 6–18

This schedule is only a recommendation—we may want to see your child for more frequent exams if they’re at risk of an eye condition or vision issue.

Signs of a Potential Vision Problem

It’s common for eye problems to develop early in childhood, affecting your child’s perception of their vision. They may assume everyone sees like they do, making it important to watch for signs of a vision problem in your child. 

You should book a visit to the optometrist if your child experiences any of the following symptoms

  • Rubbing their eyes frequently
  • Focusing issues
  • Reading problems
  • Sitting too close to the TV
  • Struggling to see faraway objects
  • Having frequent headaches

Bring Your Child for a Quality Experience

The importance of your child’s eye exams can’t be overstated—they play a vital role in protecting your child’s eye health and vision. Our comprehensive exam helps us assess if your child’s vision is functioning at its best. 

We’re here to provide your child with quality eye care, no matter what they need. Visit our practice for an eye exam and explore our fashionable optical boutique.

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