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No More Dry, Irritated Eyes

Stinging, burning eyes are a sign of dry eye disease, a common and chronic condition—over 16 million Americans live with dry eyes! Our team is here to help diagnose and treat dry eyes, helping you relieve your symptoms and find the relief you deserve. 

Visit us in Brooklyn for a personalized dry eye treatment plan. We want to help you enjoy clear and comfortable vision, free from irritation and inflammation.

What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease occurs when your tears can’t effectively hydrate your eyes, leading to irritation. The common causes of this condition are not producing enough tears or having poor quality tears, leading to faster evaporation. 

Tears are essential for protecting your eyes and ensuring good vision, and any problems with them affect your ocular health. Dry eyes happen when complications arise in your tear film

Your tear film has 3 layers, each serving a different role: 

  • The mucus layer helps keep tears fastened to the eye’s surface. 
  • The water layer helps keep the eye clean & protected
  • The oil layer helps prevent your tears from evaporating too quickly

Issues with your tear film lead to dry eye disease. If you develop dry eyes, you may experience several uncomfortable symptoms, including watery eyes, a burning or stinging sensation, eye redness, or light sensitivity.

Diagnosing Dry Eye Disease

Diagnosing dry eyes involves a comprehensive look at your eyes and tear film. We use several tests during your eye exam to help identify the root cause of your symptoms. Our diagnostic tests look at different aspects of your eye health. 

Our team may examine your eyes in detail with our technology, measure the number of tears you produce, evaluate the quality of your tears, or see how much water your body makes for tears. After determining the cause of your dry eyes, we can recommend a customized treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms.

Treating Dry Eye Disease

We aim to provide quality treatments for every patient we see, so we take a unique approach to every dry eye situation. Our team will learn more about your needs when treating dry eye disease, helping find solutions for long-term relief. 

One treatment we offer is punctal plugs—tiny medical devices that insert into your tear ducts. The plugs help slow the drainage process of your tears, keeping your eyes hydrated for longer. These devices can be temporary or semi-permanent, about the size of a grain of rice.

You Don’t Need Dry Eyes Forever

Dry eyes are often chronic, but our team is here to help relieve your symptoms. No one should have to experience constant irritation. We can determine the root cause of your symptoms before recommending a personalized treatment plan. 

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